Why Does My Business Need a Blog?

November 21, 2015

Why does my business need a blog? It’s a good question and there are many, many answers. In fact, a business blog is one of the most powerful tools you can possibly have. You may not always see DIRECT return on investment for it, but I can guarantee you’ll be a better business for it.

Why? Read on my friends!

Reasons a business should blog
Why have a business blog

1. SEO! Search engine optimisation. Google rewards websites that have stacks of awesome, valuable content, and a business blog is one of the best and most methodical places to house that type of content.

2. Communicating with your customers. Your blog readers are all potential customers, if they’re not already. You can share timely news, business highlights and special offers or promotions. It allows your customers the opportunity to get to know you, builds trust and gives your business a proper voice.

3. It gives you something to share on social media. If you’re looking to fill up a social content calendar, sharing links to your business blog post is an excellent place to start.

4. Hello insights and data. Take a look into your Google Analytics or other software for measuring traffic, and learn about who is visting your website, what they’re engaging with and what type of content they like best.

5. It’s a great community! Start checking out what other businesses in your field are blogging about. You may find all kinds of inspiration!

6. It generates leads. Great blogs will provide value to the reader and turn that reader into a potential customer. Add a call-to-action to the post or have your reader so engaged that they subscribe or bookmark for more! 100 points to Gryffindor!

So go on, take a chance and start penning your thoughts. Not a wordsmith? Hire someone who is! (Us). We will provide web-optimised copy that Google really likes.

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