Introducing the New Milkbar Digital

October 22, 2021

Today is a very exciting day for Team Milkbar – as we begin the next phase of our journey and launch our rebrand to the universe.

It is something we have been looking forward to putting together, and we hope you like it as much as we do.

So – why the new look?

Firstly, let me tell you how much I have always loved our Milkbar branding – what became known as “Milkbar Pink” in the office, the handwritten font, and of course the appeal that it had to clients. But somewhere along the road, our agency became just that – an agency. What had once been just me, Sam, sitting at home (not in a “COVID forced us here” way, but more so in a “I am just starting as a freelancer” kind of way) had grown beyond my wildest dreams into a team of 3, then 4, then, 8, and then suddenly 20, with a two-storey open plan office and kitchen studio in the heart of Prahran.

And our branding was beautiful and perfect when we were a small team, but it no longer represented who we are, the clients we’re working with or the output from our studio. And thus, a rebrand was called for (as well as a stiff drink. How did this even happen?)

Of course, we reached out to our good friend Jacqui at No Grey Creative, who nailed our first brand, to help us find something that truly speaks to who we are now… a growing team of diverse, passionate marketers and creators who are excited to come to work and help our favourite brands actualise their social and content dreams! And we think Jacqui has nailed it again.

It has been close to 6 years since Milkbar Digital was born, manifested while I was still working full-time in a corporate marketing team, and I seriously pinch myself every day when I look at what we have achieved.

Not only the growth of the business in terms of head count, but the growth we’ve achieved as a company, the growth for our clients, and most importantly to me – the growth of the team we have developed (at both Milkbar and beyond).

Personal highlights for me have been:

  • Signing on our first client (shout out to Flowers Across Melbourne)
  • Signing on the first household name client (it was Swisse Wellness, and they were only Milkbar’s third client on our roster)
  • Signing on Sportsgirl in our first year – who we are still so grateful to work with to this very day
  • Promoting Katina who started out as a part-timer, up to full time, up to manager, up to Managing Director
  • Watching the alumni of Milky B go on to incredibly exciting and ambitious endeavours
  • Launching the video production side of our business and having my husband Nic join us to lead that department
  • Moving to our first ‘own’ office, away from share spaces and renovating it to suit our online casino payid business needs (they were some long days and nights!)
  • Seeing the quality of work and knowledge of our team go from strength to strength – the importance we place on constant learning and development is evident in what the team produces
  • The fun team building events and content that we make – from our YouTube shows to our team challenges
  • Looking at the culture we have created for our company and feeling proud that we have always hired REALLY GOOD humans both in terms of their work but also their hearts and souls

Whilst my job has changed dramatically over the years – as any founder will tell you – and I am no longer ‘on the tools’ as much as I used to be, Milkbar remains my great love. And we wouldn’t still be standing here, with a shiny new rebrand, if it weren’t the amazing team, the network we surround ourselves with and the clients who we are so grateful to work with day in and out.

We can’t wait to share the next phase of our journey with you!

Sam Sidney Milkbar Digital Director Founder

Sam is the Director/Founder of Milkbar Digital and has spent the past decade working across some of Australia’s most loved brands, including Priceline Pharmacy and Pedestrian.tv. She is passionate about photography and digital strategy, and in her spare time you’ll find her cooking, watching cat videos and hanging out with her and Nic’s twins, Daphne and Wren.

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