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April 19, 2018

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We’ve all heard the common marketing adage that ‘content is king’, and you know what, I personally have pledged my fealty. This sentiment rings even more true as social media channels continue to place the importance of the customer experience at the forefront of their services, with each algorithm update reflecting this. Let’s not forget Instagram’s move to alter their newsfeed order, or Facebook’s great algorithm change of 2018 that saw thousands of marketers worldwide unanimously die a little inside. On the flipside, Snapchat missed the mark with it’s platforms’ update, and we’re still grieving the loss.

If you aren’t familiar with the Facebook algorithm update, let me explain. Facebook altered it’s platform to deprioritise branded content in favour of content from a user’s personal network – that is, you’ll likely be served more photos of your friend’s dog in a funny hat than a buzzfeed article on 11 ways to know he’s just not into you. Y’know, the important stuff. Facebook also sought to discourage clickbait, or rather their version – ‘engagement bait’, by decreasing the reach of posts that prompt users to ‘like’, ‘love’ or ‘share’ content, when explicitly stated in their caption.

For marketers and publications however, Facebook’s changes served as a wake up call; that clickbait tactics and lacklustre content weren’t going to suffice in an increasingly competitive market.  Now, not only do businesses have to pay-to-play, but the emphasis on creating quality content that adds meaning and value to the lives of users is most important. So if you didn’t previously believe that content was king, then allow Zuckerberg’s sacrificial drop of 4.5% in stock value demonstrate that he believes in it, and so should you.

So how do you encourage engagement and better your content without sounding too ‘salesy’? Here’s a few of our top tip’s:


Tap-to-Reveal Posts

Tap-to-reveal posts are images that involve using the dimensions of a Facebook post (mobile only) to prompt a user to ‘reveal’ an answer to a question, posed by the business page. It sounds technical but in reality is a simple and cost effective way of creating funner, more engaging content. A great example of a brand that executes this post type relevantly and tastefully (pun intended), is Menulog, shown below:




Press & Hold posts

Press & Hold’s or hold to reveals are seemingly the closest thing humankind will get to sorcery, well sort of. These posts are photos that seem to transform into a video when holding the post on a mobile device. All that’s required to make these posts is a video, an app that can convert a video file into a “live photo”, and an enthusiasm to wow your audience (last item not required, but definitely helps). See the example we did for one of our cafe clients, here .


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Augmented Reality Posts

This one’s my personal favourite, and will also be for any fellow tech geeks out there. Earlier this year Facebook began enabling 3D posts to support Augmented Reality (AR) files. These posts allow the viewer to see all angles of the object shot in 3D, and allow the viewer to interact with the post. Certainly not a post type that is suited to all businesses, but when done well like Lego showcasing a parrot figurine or Clash of Clans masking a hidden message on it’s model, it’s effective in demonstrating the features of a product (oh, and it’s really cool too).

Creating meaningful, engaging and valued content can be difficult. It’s core to consider what is relevant to your product or service, and what your target audience can take away from engaging with your post.

Need help with any or all of the above? Come speak to us, we love content and we love finding ways to help your brand connect with your customer.


Valerie Duong is a social media coordinator at Milkbar Digital. When she’s not scrolling Instagram, you can find her sipping obscure coffee orders, and re-watching episodes of Brooklyn Nine Nine. Want more? Read my article on marketing to millennials.

Milkbar Digital is a Melbourne social media and digital marketing agency here to help business small and large. If you need help with your social media, or don’t know where to begin, get in touch.

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