Why your brand should use bloggers and digital influencers

September 2, 2016

Have you ever been perusing through Instagram’s explore page and saw aesthetically pleasing post after aesthetically pleasing post? Well, it wasn’t just a coincidence, the rise of the blogger is in full swing.

Don’t be fooled by their incredible flat lays, flowing locks or minimalist outfits, bloggers or digital influencers have become powerful allies in the marketing world and brands need to get on board!

Using digital influencers or bloggers is one of the most powerful ways to get your brand or business noticed. With devoted followers who hang on their every Instagram post, influencers can dramatically increase your brand’s awareness by either posting about a product, giving a review or simply shouting out a competition. By harnessing the power of the influencer community correctly, the results can definitely wow you.

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Not quite there yet? Here’s are some more incentives:


While a lot of brands may give the blogger/influencer some specific copy to include in their post, this can seem less genuine to their followers. A blogger’s followers know their tone of voice and their interests – after all,  this is why they follow them. Bloggers who use their own language to create content will seem far less ‘branded’, more authentic and inevitably, more persuasive. By publishing real experiences, the blogger will seem more authentic.


Cost can sometimes be a bit of grey area as some influencers depending on their number of followers and “fame” can charge upwards of thousands in exchange for a single Instagram post. However, there is a huge market of bloggers out there, and once you find the right blogger or influencer to suit your brand, the result can outweigh the cost. Depending on a brand’s budget, ‘contra’ deals are often popular – which is a straight swap of free product or services in exchange for social media coverage. At Milkbar, we pride ourselves on being able to connect the right influencers with your brand and can work within nearly all budgets.


Blogs are in the top 3 most influential forms of marketing, people are looking to influencers for information on brands and products and are increasingly influenced by them. Consumers want to know what shirt that blogger is wearing and where they can buy it tomorrow! This is an opportunity you don’t want to miss out on.


Stuck in a rut or constantly posting the same sort of content to Instagram? Well, worry no more! Influencers will have their own aesthetic and will give your product a new look that may be appealing to a different market. This also gives you the opportunity to repost their content, which shows them as a real consumer and gives the influencer exposure as well.


You don’t always have to go for influencers with the biggest followings. Getting on board with an influencer before they become “Insta famous” can be a huge bonus for your brand. Creating a relationship with an influencer early and continuing that relationship can be mutually beneficial for both your brand and the blogger. As the blogger’s following continues to grow and they may start to charge for posts, they may favour your brand over others and continue to work with your brand at little to no cost.

There is no denying Screen Shot 2016-09-02 at 12.11.37 PMthe power that influencers hold over their audiences, especially when it comes to products and consumer’s opinions. If you are ever on the hunt for a couple, just search #blogger on Instagram or if it’s all getting too much, give us a bell and we can put you in touch with the right influencers!



Edwina Toohey is the social media coordinator at Milkbar Digital. She’s into Bernese Mountain dogs, eating all the food and Snapchat filters. 

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