44 Ideas of What to Post on Your Business Facebook Page

May 11, 2016

44 Ideas of What to Post on Your Business Facebook Page

You’ve set up your business Facebook page, it looks pretty good, and you’ve been told you need to post at least four times a week to keep things fresh and engaging. Awesome. But then after about two weeks of posting content, you already feel like you’re running out of things to say. How many different ways can you talk about the one thing/product/service you offer? You begin to panic!

Never fear, we’ve compiled some fresh content ideas for you and your business when it comes to posting on Facebook. With this list in mind, you’ll never run out of awesome content. Of course, no two businesses are the same, so just treat these as a starting point, little thought-starters, for you to apply to your particular industry.

First things first – content must add value to the lives of your audience. You can’t just jam ‘selling selling selling’ down everyone’s throats. Put yourself in the customer’s shoes… do you want marketing billboards screaming at you every time you look in your Facebook feed? Or do you want to have a news feed that inspires, educates and entertains you?

A brand that successfully ticks those boxes is far more likely to conjure a positive, fuzzy relationship with their customer.

Onto the list! Keep in mind, not all of these will apply to all businesses and industries, but we do hope you find this helpful.


  1. Branded lifestyle photos
  2. Influencer photos featuring your product
  3. “Flatlay” style images of your product
  4. Guest edits from influencers and bloggers
  5. Inspirational food photos / meals
  6. Travel photography
  7. Dose of cuteness – a funny animal video, a cute pet, etc
  8. Celebrity inspiration


  1. Positive reviews and testimonials
  2. Q&A snippets with like businesses or relevant influencers
  3. Photos of happy customers
  4. Photos of happy customers with your product
  5. Polls – ask your audience questions, people love to give their opinions!
  6. Opinions – ask your audience to name your newest product or sample it
  7. Fan of the week – highlight a fan who has done something particularly awesome
  8. Client of the week – highlight a client or relevant business and shout out their achievements


  1. Funny quotes
  2. Inspirational quotes
  3. Classic/famous quotes in history
  4. Statistics and data – especially relevant if you’re in a service business
  5. Momentous things that happened on this particular date


  1. Invitations to events – for example, if you are having a VIP shopping night
  2. Photos from events – the styling, the goody bags, the guests
  3. Holidays/celebrations – make sure you wish your audience a happy Christmas, Mother’s Day, Hanukkah – and so forth


  1. Promo codes – for their loyal customers only, for those with an eComm store
  2. Exclusive offers – access to offers specially for their Facebook fans only
  3. Coupons – print off and take in store or mention for a special discount
  4. Downloads – offer Facebook-exclusive downloads – such as an eBook or podcast


  1. Links to blog posts – both old and new, a great way to recycle your blog content
  2. Infographics and charts
  3. Behind the scenes photos – maybe your team members or a snap on your latest photoshoot
  4. Meet the team – Q&A snippets offering insights into your business from your team
  5. Throwback photo – take a trip down memory lane with an old photo from years ago
  6. Do a call-to-action post asking your audience to make sure they’re following you on Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, have signed up to your newsletter – every other channel you’re on!
  7. Company news – has something amazing happened? Or something important? If it’s worth sharing, share it
  8. Giveaways – people love to win things
  9. Coming soon… Post teaser/coming soon content to get your audience excited


  1. Link to apps you love and are related to your industry
  2. Link to websites and online resources you think your audience will find educational
  3. Provide tips of the day
  4. Live chat – offer to answer all questions that your audience may have between certain times of the day
  5. Insights from an expert within your business


  1. Tie in your content to trending topics (ie. An awards ceremony, a political moment, etc)
  2. Breaking industry news

Do you have any more content ideas on what businesses should publish on their Facebook pages? Let us know in the comments below.

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