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What is a Lead Gen ad and why should you be using them? 

Jan 10 2020

  Lead Generation ads are a powerful ad format available for your brand’s Facebook Profile. These ads include an integrated form that…

The Importance of Tone Of Voice on Social Media

Sep 04 2019

Social media has given consumers access to brands in a way like never before. If you have an issue or a question…

Split Testing in Ads Manager

Mar 21 2019

If you’re just getting to know your customer base or getting started with Ads Manager, split testing may just be your new…

Everything You Need to know About Facebook Groups for Business

Feb 06 2019

While Facebook Groups aren’t a new feature, we have seen more brands begin to harness them in order to build their online…

What’s the Facebook Pixel and why does my social media strategy need it?

Oct 24 2018

By now, you may have heard the term ‘Facebook Pixel’ being bandied around as something you need to have on your website.…

44 Ideas of What to Post on Your Business Facebook Page

May 11 2016

You’ve set up your business Facebook page, it looks pretty good, and you’ve been told you need to post at least four…