The Top 2016 Digital Marketing Trends

December 29, 2015

With the year coming to a close, it’s always a great idea to reflect on the things you’ve done well in 2015 (hooray!) and the things you want to achieve in both business and your personal life in the new year. The digital industry is one of the fastest moving ones, and it’s always so exciting to look forward a little and see what the Next Big Thing will be. We’ve looked at the research and identified some of the top 2016 digital marketing trends – is your business ready for them?

Top 2016 Digital Marketing Trends

1. Mobile everything.

It’s true. Mobile usage has overtaken desktop computer usage when it comes to everything online. The rise in smart phone technology and convenience means we’re now accessing info, shopping, listening to music, streaming content – it’s all happening on our mobile devices. If your business’s website is not mobile optimised, you need to act on this immediately. If there is one new year’s resolution you set for your business, please make it this one.

2. Video advertising.

If you’ve dabbled in the world of video advertising before (think YouTube pre-rolls, social media, etc) – then you’re one step ahead already. Video advertising is set to dominate as one of the key 2016 digital marketing trends, with Google finally getting on board and set to start rolling this out in the new year.

3. Virtual reality… it’s coming.

They’ve been saying it’s on its way for years, but the biggest player in the Virtual Reality space, Oculus Rift, is due for launch in 2016. What does this mean? Well, if you’re a small business owner, it probably won’t mean a lot just yet (unless you’re a keen tech gaming guru) but it VR is set to shake up the digital landscape. Over the next few years, expect to see it begin to play a much more mainstream role in our worlds. Check out their website to take a look at some of the crazy features – the future really is here.

4. Content is king.

Your website is the one online tool you have complete control of – it’s not being masterminded by Google or Facebook. That being said you should be taking the time to evolve your website, update it, make it the most exciting and dynamic place it can be to keep visitors coming back for more. For most businesses this will take the form of a blog or content hub. Make sure in 2016, you’re setting aside some time and budget to ensure you’re tapping into this very key aspect of digital marketing.

5. Omnichannel experiences.

This basically means that you can offer your customer a seamless experience with your brand that connects all of your channels – from online to offline. A great example is an experience Disney has offered its customers.

  • Their experience starts on the mobile responsive Disney website.
  • Customers book their trip and then use the My Disney Experience tool to help them plan their holiday, from booking hotels, purchasing theme park passes, etc.
  • On arrival at Disney, the app helps customers locate attractions and waiting times.
  • But the experience gets better with their Magic Band which acts as a hotel room key, photo storage device for any pictures, and a food ordering tool.

Not only does this improve the customer’s journey, but it allows Disney some amazing insights into their customer – what did they do, what did they see, what did they purchase… Imagine all of the data Disney was able to capture because of this. A little scary huh?

6. Instagram advertising.

You may have noticed advertising popping up in your Instagram feed in 2015. This is set to become even more widely available next year and is one of the 2016 digital marketing trends you should be preparing your business for. Not on Instagram yet? Tap into the 5 million Australian monthly active users of Instagram and sign up for an account now!

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