Instagram Grid VS Individual Post

September 13, 2018
Elizabeth Swain

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The power of the grid

You may have noticed brands and influencers using a structured layout for their Instagram grids. There is no shortage of creative ways to play with Instagram grids; from collages, a checkerboard effect, row by row layouts, rainbow feeds and more.

As a brand or an influencer, your Instagram grid is your first chance to make an impression and communicate your brand aesthetic to potential followers. You may have heard talk that a strong grid is a way to win a follower. After all, if your grid is all over the place, doesn’t look consistent or convey what you’re about – how can you expect users to take notice?


@gcparis uses a collage-like grid to create visual interest
@thefemalehustler uses pink quote tiles for a checkerboard effect

In favour of Individual Post
By focusing too much on the aesthetics of your grid, the quality of your individual content could potentially drop. For example, if you are focusing on creating collages or a theme where the next image has to follow a certain pattern, this might mean that each individual post is not bringing much value to the user. You don’t want to waste an opportunity to wow your user with individual content that is not very engaging if they have to look at your grid to see the full picture.

Just because a user follows you, it doesn’t necessarily mean they are regularly checking your profile. More likely, they will see your post pop up as they scroll down their Instagram feed. This is why your post should be just as strong as your overall look and aesthetic. Eva Chen, the director of fashion partnerships at Instagram spoke about this at the Vogue 2018 Summit:

“Ok so people get really obsessed with the grid, they get really addicted to the fact that their grid is perfect. Here’s the real deal when it comes to your Instagram grid: probably 99% of Instagram impressions come from the feed. So, it’s more important to create great posts! Lose the obsession with the grid, relax a little and post what interests you.”

Best of Both Worlds
Having an appealing Instagram grid is like a visual resume. It allows you to visually connect your brand to your customers. However, it is important to remember that the impressions from users who already follow you are most likely coming from the feed. So, while curating your Instagram grid is important for brand identity and attracting new followers, it is also important to ensure that each individual posts are just as strong. Don’t rely solely on your grid aesthetic for engagement!

Treat the grid almost like a visual journal for your brand. It’s great to have a consistent looking grid and to get creative with collages or other grid styles from time to time, but ensure that your individual posts are also strong, and you aren’t sacrificing quality to get the follow.

Elizabeth Swain is a social media coordinator at Milkbar Digital. On the weekends you can find Liz at Melbourne’s newest brunch venue, obsessively scrolling through her Instagram feed or working on her lifestyle blog.

Milkbar Digital is a Melbourne social media and digital marketing agency here to help business small and large. If you need help with your social media, or don’t know where to begin, get in touch.

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