5 Factors To Consider When Buying A Camera

April 27, 2018


So you wanna buy a camera… cool dude. This can be a very daunting task considering you might be willing to drop the same amount of money that could buy you a used car. It’s a task that should be approached with careful consideration, before making a final purchase decision.

The key message is due diligence, so let’s break it down:  


First figure out how much you are willing to part with financially, and then – really do your research!
The last thing you want to end up with is the world’s most expensive paper weight sitting uselessly on your desk staring at you for all eternity.

Read reviews

The great thing about cameras is that you can Google the model and see the quality of content other people have produced with certain camera models. I recommend perusing through Vimeo and Youtube, these platforms will be your friend when it comes to this.

Purpose and Objective

Here lies the major factor in deciding which model to buy, as your purpose and objective dictate the non-negotiable features your camera must have, and similarly, the features you may not necessarily care for. A few questions you could ask yourself:

  • Are you a Vlogger?
  • Are you shooting still images, video, or both?
  • Does it need to look cinematic or just basic?

You may not need the most expensive camera with all the most recent bells and whistles, and should always remain aware of your objective when considering the camera with the hefty price tag. So when considering the question, do I need the camera with all the capabilities, consider this:

Is my goal: I just want the thing to work and be simple as heck to use – the answer to the question is no. 

Is my goal: I want to learn and better my photography so my stuff looks amazeballs – the answer is yes.

Don’t let a salesman run circles around you swarming your head with words you have never heard of before. This is where your research is going to pay off, as possessing a premeditated idea of what you’re looking for will prepare you before you get to the store with your credit card in hand ready to tap away.


Simplicity vs capability

Okay, things just got complicated because different cameras excel at different things. 

One model might perform best in low light scenarios, another might be known for it’s in-body stabilisation, and another might be able to shoot in 4k at 60fps (frames per second).

I can feel you getting overwhelmed again. Don’t worry, just take a breath. A good rule of thumb is that you don’t need a camera feature, until you KNOW that you need it.

The best advice I can give you is to go to a camera store (my personal favourites are Lemac and Digital Camera Warehouse) and grill the person who is there to help you.

Tell them exactly what you want to achieve, and 9 times out of 10 they will strive to sell you the thing you need regardless of price tag.

Bonus Tips – Camera Microphones

Real talk, most cameras in-built microphones suck eggs.

If you want crispy clear audio you will probably want to look at an external audio capturer and a microphone and can later be synced later in the editing phase. This may sound scary, but it’s not too difficult to achieve and there are plenty of online tutorials that can help you. Bad audio is the gateway for projects resulting in an amateur finish and I strongly recommend going the extra mile and getting this right at the start of the project.

If you have any questions that need answering please hit us up in the comments and we will help you on your camera journey!


Nic is the resident videographer at Milkbar Digital and is also a musician by trade. You can find him editing videos, creating the latest backing track banger, or praying for the Saints to win.  

Milkbar Digital is a Melbourne social media and content production agency, specialising in small to medium businesses. We also love video production and are experts in the area of social media video marketing. Get in touch with us today!

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  1. Great advice guys, I have been looking for an upgrade and appreciate the words of wisdom, Keep up the good work!

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