How to incorporate content pillars into your social marketing strategy

April 3, 2019

Blog-Header-TemplateA great social strategy requires a solid foundation! Don’t know where to start?  Content pillars are your new BFF. A fancy name for ‘types of content’, content pillars are an important part of any brand’s social strategy and ensure you’re reaching all of your key audiences.

What types of content pillars should you use?

Using a variety of content pillars is important in order to ensure your content is reaching as many people as possible.

While some users may enjoy reading blog posts on your site, others may respond better to short stop motion videos on Instagram.

By casting your content net as far as possible, you’re able to reach as many users as possible and ensure your social presence is dynamic and engaging.

Examples of content pillars
Blog Post

Usually housed on your brand’s website, blog posts are a great way to communicate longer content with your audience.

Blog content should always be highly relevant to your target audience and aim to educate and entertain.



Graphic tiles are great for Facebook and Instagram. They add interest to the social feed, breaking up blocks of images.

You can use graphic tiles for memes, reviews, educational content or to communicate information, such as opening hours.

We know that users are reading social captions less and less, so graphic tiles are a great way to capture their attention!        


User-Generated Content 

User Generated content is created by your users, either via influencer marketing arrangements, or organically via happy customers.

Sharing user-generated content is a great way to add authenticity to your brand. You can find out more about UGC here.



The mysterious social algorithms love video content, and so does your user! Videos are a great way to communicate and entertain your customer.

Whether it’s a longer, educational video or a short, snappy one – videos should be a part of everyone’s social strategy.


Stop Motion

A stop motion is multiple photos added together to create a quick, simple video.

They’re less time consuming than a traditional video and are a great way to create fun and interesting content for your consumer.



Tutorials or ‘how-to’ content aims to educate your audience.

A tutorial can take on many forms such as a video, carousel post or even a still image with instructions.

Tutorials are a great way to add value and keep your customer coming back.


Focus / Spotlight

One of the easiest ways to add diversity to your content pillars is to shine a spotlight on something special about your brand.

Whether it be a superstar staff member or your signature dish, regular social focuses let your customer delve deeper into your brand.



Everyone loves free things! Competitions are an excellent way to increase your audience and engage with your existing ones.


Content pillars are an important way to organise your social strategy and ensure your content is enjoyed by as many people as possible. Need help? Contact us!


Allison is a social media coordinator at Milkbar Digital. She loves writing copy and arranging a scroll-worthy feed for her client’s accounts. When she’s not hard at work, you can find her tucking into an eggs benedict or patting other people’s dogs.

Want killer content pillars? We can help! Milkbar Digitial is a Melbourne social media agency working within the food, fashion and lifestyle industries. We love all things content production, strategy development, and social advertising. We work with a range of business, from big to small. Get in touch with us today!

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