Campaign Budget Optimisation and What This Means for Your Ads

October 2, 2019

Once upon a time, we were allowed to set budget at the Ad Set level in Ads Manager, allocating more spend behind certain audiences and targeting than others depending on where we *thought* we saw their value. However, if you’ve hopped onto Ads Manager this past month you may have noticed a pretty significant change – that this is no longer possible due to Campaign Budget Optimisation!

Although this has been an existing option for months, Facebook rolled Campaign Budget Optimisation across as a mandatory migration as of September.

But what does this mean exactly?

Campaign budget optimisation means that you set the budget for your objective – whether that be Website Visits, Purchase Conversions, Add to Carts etc. – at that very level. This means your audiences will compete against each other for the most successful results, and you allow Facebook to distribute your budget in real time to get the best results.


In a nutshell?

You won’t waste time or money spending on audiences that aren’t performing, and leave the magic in the hands of Ads Manager’s algorithm – which will work behind the scenes to automatically and continuously find the best opportunities for results across your ad sets.

In regards to ad sets, these are still fully customisable in regards to targeting and start and end times. Keep in mind that Facebook considers each ad set’s schedule when Campaign Budget Optimisation is in use, however, the budget will not be spent equally for each ad set. We recommend leaving your ad sets on the same run and end dates so that you can really let Facebook do the digging accordingly – as you wouldn’t want to miss an opportunity on an audience that you may have not given much consideration to before.

What are our thoughts on Campaign Budget Optimisation?

It’s a big thumbs up from Milkbar! Although it inevitably takes some adjusting to get used to (and an education piece to give your clients a heads up!), campaign budget optimisation means you aren’t wasting money on audiences that aren’t delivering you the best results, and can offer unique insights into audiences that you may not have given much consideration to before. And how can we say no to that?

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