5 Facebook Ads Manager Hacks

February 20, 2019
Katina Rosker

Facebook Ads Manager is a whole world in itself. Although exciting in its potential, the abundance of features can sometimes be a lot to take in. In today’s blog post, we’ll be providing you with 5 Facebook Ads Manager Hacks that we use day in, day out to help with reporting, monitoring, and ad optimisation.



HACK #1 – Custom Columns

Do you find yourself looking for the same information every time you want to check in on your ads, or put together a report? Instead of customising your columns each and every time, save the columns as your own custom column to refer back to later. Need a hand?

Step 1 – Hit ‘Customise Columns

Step 2 – Add in the metrics you’d like to add to this ‘Custom Column’ set up and hit ‘apply’
Step 3 – Hit save and rename it

Little tip: Custom columns only save on your version of Ads Manager. This will not be visible for your colleagues.

HACK #2 – Saved Audiences

Using the same audiences quite regularly? Turn them into a saved audience so you don’t have to manually input audience information from scratch each time.

Step 1 – Create your audience as usual
Step 2 – Scroll to the bottom of the audience section and hit ‘Save Audience’


Next time you’re building an ad, you can find that exact audience saved here:



HACK #3 – Filters Are Your Friends

Looking for something? Instead of scrolling through hundreds of ad sets or ads, use a filter. Facebook provides you with plenty of options, so use them to your advantage! You can also search for words, but this will only come in handy if you’ve labelled your campaigns, ad sets and ads in a beneficial way.



HACK #4 – Recover Deleted Ads

This pointer definitely refers back to the idea of Filters Are Your Friend. Deleting ads isn’t ideal. But, there is something that can be done to bring back the data you thought you lost.
This hack works within the Campaign, Ad Set and Ad levels.



HACK #5 – Breakdown By Delivery

Wondering why one of your ads isn’t performing as well as you’d like? Check your audience breakdown. It could be that a specific gender, age group, placement, device etc is skewing the ad performance. This doesn’t give a 100% solution all of the time because it could be due to other factors such as the copy or the creative, but it is a good trick for hunting down some red flags!


Katina is a social media manager at Milkbar Digital. When she isn’t geeking out over the latest Facebook Business Manager updates, you can find her describing her latest favourite meal in immense detail, or beauty blogging.

Milkbar Digital is a Melbourne social media and content production agency, specialising in small to medium businesses. We also love video production and are experts in the area of social media video marketing. Get in touch with us today!

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