December 14, 2015

With years of experience writing for all sorts of demographics, allow us to help you find your brand’s voice.

Ever read a good book? Well, chances are you enjoyed it because it was written by a great author! Ever read a bad book that was hard to read, confusing or quite simply… boring? Don’t let the words representing your business go wasted.

No matter what material you need words for – whether it be flyers, brochures, a magazine, postcard, website page, e-mail newsletter or otherwise – we have years of copywriting experience and love any chance to put pen to paper (or fingers to keys).

We can develop a tone of voice perfectly suited to your target audience (believe us, every business and brand requires a different voice!) and roll it out across all of your various communications.

Been into a Sportsgirl store lately? Chances are our words are decked out across their slogan t-shirts, swing tags or even lunch boxes.

Need something written for the web? Believe us, this is a whole other kettle of fish with its own unique language.

Milkbar Digital provides Melbourne copywriting – need to put our wordsmithing to good use? Let’s start a conversation.