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44 Ideas of What to Post on Your Business Facebook Page

May 11 2016

You’ve set up your business Facebook page, it looks pretty good, and you’ve been told you need to post at least four…

How to Ensure Your Content is Still Seen After the 2016 Instagram Change

Mar 29 2016

The Internet has blown up in recent weeks regarding the upcoming change that Instagram is making to how it determines what pictures…

How to Run an Instagram Competition or Giveaway

Mar 14 2016

Running a giveaway or competition on Instagram can be an extremely effective way for small businesses to gain new followers, increase platform…

10 Ways to Take Better Instagram Photos

Feb 05 2016

How do you take better Instagram photos? Improve the look of your feed? There are plenty of tips and tricks that will…

5 Ways to Improve Your Social Media Channels Immediately

Nov 11 2015

Though everyone is at different skill levels or progress with their social media channels, I thought I’d kick off the Milkbar blog with…